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Unlock Lenovo P2 OEM hack bootloader – Jordanovs’ Guide

by bjordanov

How to unlock the Lenovo bootloader

You just bought a new Android phone by Lenovo. You are so happy and enthusiastic about it. Can’t wait to get your fingers on it to flash the latest LineageOS version? Can’t wait to get rid of the preinstalled bloatware, spyware and proprietary spaghetti code on it? But wait there is a surprise the moment you enable the developer options and go to the OEM unlocking menu. After registering an account with Lenovo a message that you have 14 days to wait for pops up on the screen. Many came here because this thread on the XDA forums turned out useless for their case.

Is this guide going to work only with Lenovo P2 phones or can I unlock other Lenovo android phones too?

The guide is fully tested and specially written for the Lenovo P2 device but it can work for any other Lenovo phone out there. The main problem with the unlocking is the Lenovo server status so here are some workarounds.

Waiting 14 days. Really?! Is there a shortcut?

You, my friend, are lucky to take the shortcut because I’ve already been there. I also have some bad and some good news. There is still no way to skip the 14 days waiting period. You think that’s bad, right? Wrong! People with Lenovo phones are having much more trouble than this before and after the process. I am going to provide you with my Lenovo account so you can log in and try skipping the waiting period. I don’t promise it’s going to work for every device but may work for Lenovo P2.

Error 1: I can’t get to the Bootloader unlocking screen with my email account.

  • Solution 1:
    Just use an email that ends in Gmail.com for example
  • Solution 2 INSTANT UNLOCK (SKIP 14 days WAITING!) (may work only with P2):
    Use username:
    Use password: 123456789

Please write a comment if these methods work for you! Please before trying the second solution try to register your own account with Lenovo and provide the model of the device and the account credentials in the comments below to use so others can skip the 14 days waiting too. Just in case Lenovo decides to make them block the already published accounts. Remember this account can’t be used for anything else later, it’s just for the OEM unlocking. It’s not useful even for their forum or any other service. Once you unlock the device the account is useless.

Error 2:  LenovoID without permission (SOLVED!)

The error says “LenovoID without permission“. The network is unavailable, please check the status first. OK, this is another fault because of Lenovo. If you ping to the “Lenovo unlock server” it returns a response. This means the server is online. What then? Well, when debugging you can see they didn’t renew their SSL and now the connection isn’t secured.

lenovo id without permission

lenovo id without permission


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Search “Automatic Date and Time Zone”
  3. Disable the automatic timezone
  4. Change your date to a date before 10th July
  5. ^This may not work in the future so try a random date from the past.

I am getting to the Bootloader but it says I have to wait for 14 days.

You successfully tried all the steps above but you are still stuck on this screen:

lenovo oem unlock screencapture

If that’s the case you should be thankful. Most people can’t even get here because of the Lenovo server faults. Lenovo’s forums are full of unhappy customers asking the same questions over and over but their support’s not paying attention to what’s written and what users want. Nobody will answer you in the forum with months so don’t waste your time there.

If everything went well you should see this message:

lenovo OEM ADM fastboot

lenovo OEM ADM fastboot

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Gary 12.03.2020 - 14:04

I created an account with a Gmail address and changed the date to 1 July 2019 and that for me showed the 14 days waiting screen. Everything else failed. Phew! Thanks.

bjordanov 17.03.2020 - 10:34

Thanks for your comment! Glad I could help. For all the rest reading the comments try it with the email account and password I provided and tell me if that works for you.

Andrej 15.03.2020 - 14:54

Hi, it appears that the lenovo server for P2 are not active any more. Is there any workaround to enble OEM unlocking to get android 7. I’m open for any options. I even have the same phone, just a bit older, with some speaker and WIFI issues but with Android 7. What should be done to move the android 7 to my newer lenovo P2 with android 6?

bjordanov 17.03.2020 - 10:33

Please check the post again. There is a part of the guide that explains you have to change the date. This will help you for sure. It’s not that their servers are down. It’s just that their certificates are constantly out of date and in order for your phone to process that type of sensitive information to their servers you have to go around them. Changing the system date is one of the ways to trick their servers into thinking that the authenticity of the SSL is legit. Doing so will let you unlock your device.


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