I’m 25 and I just got my car driver’s License today

Twenty-five and you still have no driving license, really?

Yeah, that’s right. You are going to say I’m late. Aren’t you? Well, I may be late. The laws in Bulgaria allow you to drive a car once you are eighteen years old. Most people can’t wait to take their driving lessons exam, buy any used car and start to drive. Surprise! I’m not one of those people. There are a few reasons behind that. Now that every second person is having his/her own car the pollution in the city is crazy high. I am lucky with the geographical location of my current home, being close to the mountains but overall the level of air pollution in the capital is way above the average.

One of the other reasons is that with all those cars it’s really impractical to use one in the traffic jam. Every working day in the morning and in the evening millions of people hop in their rusty old cars and form a long tail on the streets of the city. Being one of those people is an insult to me because I know that I’ll reach any place in the city cheaper and faster using the underground. It’s true that our underground isn’t fully developed but for me, working for myself it works perfectly fine. I can reach all the important places in minutes. I’m not bound to my workplace and working hours.

Getting a Driving license in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, there are always two ways to everything. There is the legit proper way of doing things and there is the one where you basically become part of the corrupted society and get what you need with a bribe. Let’s be honest that’s how it is and I’m not gonna act like I don’t know because it’s in front of my eyes every day.

Do you probably wonder how I got my driving license? Well, I chose the legit way. Found the best instructor in the city, studied a lot, practiced and here we go… That stupid little piece of document is finally in my hands. I’m not too proud. My family seems happy for me because I’ve finally stopped fighting with them and I’m acting like a normie.

Choosing THE BEST Driving Instructor in Bulgaria

God bless Dobrin Dobrev – my driving instructor. I can’t thank him enough for being the most patient person on the planet Earth considering his intensive work pace. We are talking about human lives here. He has to be a great driver and pedagogue, one having an accurate judgment for the circumstances on the road and at the same time keep calm. I hate superlatives and compliments but he surely deserves my respect. Observing the other students behind the wheel during their course while making the same mistake over and over again he manages to keep calm and explain multiple times in a friendly manner without raising his voice. He is cheering you up and really helping you understand every situation. Ask him as many questions as you want related to driving situations and he’ll always answer. I was truly impressed! I’ve seen and heard how other instructors act and I can tell you he is an exceptional person and teacher!

If you are looking for truly the best driving instructor in Bulgaria look no further. And this is not a sponsored testimonial. This is my personal experience. Trust me, a good driving instructor means you’ll become a good driver too just don’t forget that it also depends on your desire and dedication!  Thank me later.

Reading and Practice

If you want to take those driving exams on the first try you have to put the effort. There are 3 main sources that I used to prepare myself for the exams:

  1. The Official textbook (the most useless)
  2. The Road traffic act
  3. The official auto exam website (most people use just this)
  4. Other third-party sources regarding rules and road signs

The Driving Exam

It was easy. The theory exam was so easy I just went in and out of the room. It took me 5 minutes. I was well prepared and answered all the questions pretty fast. The practical driving exam was hell. But I was the first one from my group who decided to sacrifice himself. At first, our examiner seemed decent but just before the exam was about to begin he started acting weird and completely changed his attitude. It was an unbelievable transformation. Anyways I’m happy I did well and got that exam finished too.

To all the people who think that having a driving license is a big deal

The value case study

Don’t. Every second person in Bulgaria over the age of 18 has a driving license. What advantage could that be when you compare yourself to others? Surely having a driving license has it’s advantages but thinking that it’s too big of a deal makes me sad for you.  Everyone in life will use you for the value you provide. That’s why companies hire people, that’s why men and women form a family, that’s what friendships and business relationships are built upon. |Value and trust. Value is the only thing people care for. They don’t really care for you or what kind of person you are. They care for the value you can provide to them. It’s the same for you. You always want the best deal, right? So to have it you must know what’s your own value. Knowing exactly how much you are worth you can trade the value you provide to others with confidence and receive value from them.

Having a drivings license doesn’t mean you are a good driver

That’s exactly what I said. There are many ways of getting your documents ready. You’ll eventually have this piece of paper in your hands but if you think that those 30 school hours were enough to make you a driving machine you are so lying to yourself.

Having a car. Do you really need one?

Having a drivings’ license is one thing but having a car is a whole different one. Having a driving license may allow you to reach from point A to point B using moms or dad’s car (because let’s be honest no one out of his right mind would give you his car just after you got your drivings license). I’m not going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new or used car. I’m just going to remind you that if you don’t have a car you probably won’t practice enough and easily forget your motor skills. On the other hand, you should think good if you really need a car? Especially while living in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia city, where you can reach almost anyplace in minutes using the underground. I’m not even bringing up the pollution question. I’m just saying I’m not doing bad investments – putting my time and money in something that’s not a necessity. Just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean you have to do it too.

I heard many people bragging about the car they want their parents to buy them. LOL! If you are one of those Peter Pan it’s a miracle you’ve reached that point of my post. It’s time to grow up. If you are so sure you NEEED and WANT a driving license and/or a car. Well, go get them by yourself and be proud of whatever all those people having them are proud of.

To all those driving without a driving license

If you don’t have a driving license, chances are you are not qualified for driving a vehicle on the roads and you are a potential threat not only to society but to yourself too. It’s possible that there are exceptions but still taking the risk of being caught by the police officers and having trouble with the law is just not worth it. If you can already drive pretty well my advice for you would be to just go through that boring procedure and get yourself the papers. Not that anyone would listen to that.

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