I traded 2 Android phones for Business cards

There is a lot going on in my life lately. Today I’m going to tell you a short story related to trading and deals. Sometimes something that appears to be a bad deal can actually turn into a great deal and it depends on how you play your cards. All my spendings are invested in side-projects already, for which I’ll talk about in another article, and now I’m getting “Out of money Error”. This is not a problem at all. If you made good investments and your money are growing slowly aside this is probably nothing to worry about.

Alright, but how do you get what you want when you don’t have the money?

Just start trading. Simple as that. I’m not telling you to go and buy stocks or invest in the market (Which is probably a good idea too if you know exactly what you’re doing). I’m just saying that you can start thinking about how to recycle your current physical assets and turn them into a long term profit. This appears to be my case right now. It’s like a rule for me. Every time I get an “Out of money Error!” I just start brainstorming on how can I get what I want/need transforming the energy of what I already have.

So here’s how this simple trade turned out

The Oukitel K400 PRO

I had an Oukitel k4000 PRO with a big ass battery – 4600mah. I bought that phone back in 2016 (almost 3 years ago) I kept it, even though there was no LineageOS or other better custom ROMs during today. I’m often hiking and going for long walks in the mountains so that device served me well for a while. It’s also extremely durable. You can use it as a weapon if you really have to. Well built strong construction. Sold it for 30EUR.

The LG G3

After 2 years of heavy usage, I decided it’s time to buy a phone that can be flashed with a Lineage OS and has better camera CPU and RAM. That’s how I got a brand new LG G3 phone which I was using until recently. I took 2 4000mah batteries for it from Aliexpress and turned it into a long-lasting machine heavy duty machine. I was happy so far but the prices of those phones were about to start falling considering they are older models and I was left with no choice but upgrade again. Sold it for 60EUR.

The Lenovo P2

Very recently I did the upgrade to Lenovo P2. Compared to my previous phones I bought a second-hand Lenovo in perfect condition – no scratches, no dents, no screen issues. Basically a new phone with a protector, inside the original box with all accessories. I managed to get this android phone for 86EUR where at that time it was selling used (in decent condition) for 208EUR.

Illation – What do I need and don’t need anymore?

Everything’s good so far but now I have 3 phones, 2 of which I don’t really need anymore. I kept them just because they were working flawlessly and I could have all the botnet bank apps and others, run on my Oukitel device which had no option for a custom ROM anyways. I decide to sell both my old devices and make an investment.

I have money now. How to chose what to invest in?

That’s true I don’t have money but I have two physical assets I don’t need anymore. Why waiting for their price to decrease when I can get the most out of them? First I call my friends and offer them a good price knowing them well and who needs what. They get excited because I’m selling them phones with all accessories included and way below the market price in a decent condition. Yes, it’s true that I won’t sell them for their full price on the market but I’ll wait for less. And I prefer having money now instead of waiting for a potential buyer. I also invest in good relations with the people around me. This is a good investment because I’m making our friendship stronger. Knowing that my product is truly a great choice, I actually prefer selling to people I like instead selling it to a totally random stranger.

Always find the best opportunity to make an investment. Money is useless unless it is making more money!

While I was figuring out who needs what I had to figure out what are my priorities in life at that time and prepare myself for the next move. Having money is pointless if it isn’t turned into energy immediately. Inflation is real, keeping them in a bank account or waiting longer can make my investment turn into a bad deal. To avoid this I already knew what I need. I wanted to make my company excellent looking business cards. I’m not talking about cheap business cards. I’m talking about those that make your clients say “Wow!” and the next day you get not one but two phone calls. One where the client asks for your portfolio and the second where you arrange a meeting.


This is a really important step you should go through over and over. I found out the best deal online for one thousand copies of those badass looking business cards I wanted. Instead of popping my lips I created my own business card designs. (I actually ended up using a print-ready template I reworked. Not that mine wasn’t awesome. I just had no more time fooling around.) The cost of the cards was ~81,85EUR VAT included.

Here are the business cards. I got 800 copies of them. Worth it.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, you can say I got free business cards or a free phone. Both will be right. If I waited a bit more my physical assets would cost almost nothing and I would be having two devices I don’t need. Researching is a really important part of the process so you’ll be prepared to spend your money on the right thing the moment you have them. In theory, now I can trade my new phone and get at least 100EUR profit on that deal.

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