I just started my own IT company. It’s time to take the risk.

I’m young, motivated and smart. I already had quite a few jobs as a freelancer on popular internet platforms such as – freelancer.com / fiverr.com / Upwork.com and others. I went to a few interviews, got positive reactions and I did that to compare my own judgment for my skills to another of higher expertise level. Without thinking much or making plans I just decided to start my own company and see how it goes. I’ve been working for myself since I was sixteen years old. What can go wrong? I just registered a company for software web development called – Vzemi Site LTD. I wish I could say more but I’m busy creating the website of the brand so hopefully, there are going to be more news soon. I’ll keep you posted. This was one of my life goals which now turned into reality.

There's also a Telegram channel

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