Drone Video Services Bulgaria

I’m starting a new online business – Drone Videography Services

Professional Drone Video Services in Bulgaria

I started an internet project offering drone video services in Bulgaria with high demand and little competition. Our website provides video and photo services with drones, including 4k 120fps video and 5k video captured with a drone. Along with a professional drone pilot, we invested in the business and purchased equipment such as two FPV drones, a Go Pro Hero 10 camera, a DJI drone Air2s, and a DJI Mavic 3. We also have Sony cameras, a gimbal, studio lights, and expensive lenses. Our website, zasnemanesdron.bg, offers professional drone videography services.

History of Drone Photography Business

Last year, I finished three projects, including the website zasnemanesdron.bg, which offers professional drone videography services. My super productivity app has about eight more personal projects this year. In 2021, I got my drone pilot certificate and became interested in drones. I met Peter Dimitrov during the coronavirus pandemic and made a business plan. Our first physical business meeting was on the way to Black Peak in Vitosha, where we discussed the plan, allocated project responsibilities, and figured out the details.

Types of Drone Video Services Offered

Our services include TV reports, internet advertisements, product videos, filming events and premieres, corporate videos, architecture and buildings, events and weddings, and motor racing and extreme sports. We have experience filming concerts, music festivals, and sporting events such as motor racing and extreme sports. We offer custom packages to meet clients’ needs and constantly update our equipment.

Coverage of Various Events

We cover various events, from weddings and parties to corporate and product launches, including concerts, music festivals, and sporting events such as motor racing and extreme sports. We seek new and exciting challenges and are open to working with clients to create custom packages. Our drone video services business is expanding, and we look forward to providing top-quality footage to our clients. We constantly update our equipment to capture the best possible footage. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients and look forward to many more years of successful operation.

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