What is Windows 10 Ameliorated Edition?

To ameliorate means to purify, to improve and make better in some way. Windows 10 Ameliorated is precisely that. To achieve this state of Windows 10,  AME uses many scripts that remove and disable the bloatware and spyware in the original Windows 10 by Microsoft in the proper order.

You can download an ISO of the whole OS purified, or you can build one by yourself. Windows 10 AME is an open-source project shared on Github.

Why do I still have an active Windows installation and didn’t switch to Linux?

It’s 2021, and I’m finally installing Windows 10 for the first time on my main PC. I just bought a new laptop, and Windows 10 came as a preinstalled OS. I still need to use some Adobe software, so that’s the main reason I wanted to have a working copy of Windows.

With that said, Windows 10 by Microsoft is complete bloatware and spyware. It’s slow, and it consumes a lot of RAM and CPU when idle. It’s forcing updates at unfortunate times even though the user disables them. Nothing to like about it. Yeah, but there is an alternative, and it’s called Windows 10 Ameliorated edition. These are a bunch of scripts that change the game. Read more to understand how it works.

How does Windows 10 AME differentiate from Windows 10 by Microsoft?

It’s the same operating system, but here’s what changes:

  • Windows AME turns off all the spying features of Windows 10
  • Disables Cortana
  • Removes Edge browser and installs Firefox instead
  • Removes the MS Office because it has a keylogger inside
  • Denies 94% of the attacks related to the Administrator vulnerability
  • Removes the “Start menu” and the Taskbar
  • Gets rid of the advertising software that comes preinstalled with Windows 10
  • It removes unneeded bloat from the GUI

Windows 10 AME Disadvantages

  • In theory, may have problems with Direct X 12 (No one had till now)
  • It asks for an Administrator password for basic operations
  • You can’t use the new MS Office (but you can use Open Office or Libre Office instead)
  • Not all settings are fully customizable
  • Some system settings can only be changed through a terminal
  • Some system settings are going to reset to default on the next restart
  • There are no updates and no official support
  • 32-bit versions aren’t supported
  • The internal search function isn’t working as intended

Windows 10 AME Advantages

With that said, if you can live with it, here are the advantages you trade for all your discomfort:

  1. It uses 80% less RAM and less CPU power
  2. It loads almost instantly
  3. Its GUI is cleaner
  4. It’s not sending your data to Microsoft

Who is Windows 10 Ameliorated for, and why choose it?

I personally would choose the AME version of Windows because I want the OS to respect my privacy. If you don’t want Microsoft spying on you or collecting information about every button you press.  Windows 10 AME is for you If you don’t like being tracked and “suggested” what’s better for you, based on your actions. If you still want to use some program configurations that you have preconfigured back in the days on Windows 7 but with the newer updated and supported software versions.

Is Windows 10 AME safe to use?

NO. But it’s way better than the bloated version of windows Microsoft presents you with. Here is a list of  the things that concern me:

  1. It’s illegal.

That’s it. That’s my only concern. Keeping in mind that Windows 10 AME is illegal is important! It’s not officially supported and updated by Microsoft. Yes, it’s open-source and shared on Github, but if you are not a programmer and you are paranoid, just use Ubunto Linux or any other user-friendly distribution.


It’s essential to understand that Windows, regardless of its modernity and the patched state, can’t be taken as an impenetrable platform. If privacy and security are two of your essential concerns, you should no longer use AME or Windows in general!

How to add an input language to Windows 10 Ameliorated with Powershell?

Generally, in Windows 10 AME adding an additional language using the GUI could be impossible if installing it from an ISO. Just by following the official AME documentation, you’ll be able to add a custom language to the keyboard and the input languages.

net localgroup administrators user /add
shutdown -r -t 0

this is required in order to keep the settings made with the following commands we are going to use

$List = New-WinUserLanguageList en-US
Set-WinUserLanguageList $List

Don’t forget to return the user account to its previous state:

net localgroup administrators user /delete
shutdown -r -t 0

Advanced ways of changing the primary language and forcing an input alternative.

In my case, this wasn’t enough. I was looking to change my input method to “Bulgarian Phonetic Traditional” by using the Power Shell and keeping “en-US” as a default input. First, open the Microsoft website and look for your input language code. Then substitute it in the following code:

$lang = New-WinUserLanguageList en-US
Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList $lang

Final thoughts

Windows was a great platform back in the day. Linux was better. Linux is still better and now with a powerful graphic user interface. If you are a new user that wants to enter this new world of Linux, take a look at Kubuntu with KDE. If you need Windows 10 to comply with some software that can’t be run on another operating system, Windows 10 Ameliorated is your best choice. Please let me know what do you think about Windows AME in the comments below.

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