Don’t use Speedy – Not a loyal merchant. Bad experience with them? Read what to do.

Many people confirm stolen/missing shipment with Speedy on Facebook

There are a lot of frustrated people out there who tried Speedys’ services. Some are bloggers like Valery others even made an open group on Facebook called “Speedy – unloyal courier company”. You can join and share your experience there, although seeking for help won’t do much. Here is what some of them said:

Darina Emilova

Hello. I sent a shipment to Germany. It disappeared through Speedy. How can I proceed? This is the first time something like this happens to me and I rarely use Speedy services.

I was ringing in many places and I wrote a lot to Speedy. After about a month the shipment went back to Bulgaria and had to be paid I do not remember exactly ho much. Around 11-17BGN in order to take the parcel from an office in Bansko. My husband spoke with the girl in the office and she said that there were no problems for years with shipments to Germany, but lately they confounded many parcels and returned the consignments. Personally, in my case, I was at home everyday. We are 5 people living together and we were all home. The shipment was simply not delivered.

Svetlana Kodjmanova

On October 9th I sent papers and hair for a prepaid research in the United States (quite expensive) and Speedy guaranteed 3 business days for the delivery. With tracking numbers written on October 9th the parcel was sent from office in Sofia, Bulgaria and dissapeared in the uknown. I recieved no more infor after that. It is impossible to contact someone on the phone and when they call me they say they have no info where the shipment is, as if it is quite normal … These documents are not renewable and the research material that was inside the shipment took me 6 month preparation. A foolish, absurd situation with a totally inadequate response. I wonder if I can sue them because their insult is enormous.

Annie Y.

I’m shocked! Last week we sent a parcel to England, today it arrived with missing products worth the amount of 100BGN (if not more). Who can I ask for help in order to punish this shit UNLOYAL company !!! Unloyal and unruly !!

Sadly, Annie, in Bulgaria doesn’t matter what institution you’ll ask for help because all of them are helpless.

Dorotea Petrova

They refused to make an insurance for my documentary because they were NOT A FRAGILE SHIPMENT! Then they refused to accept a complaint that my papers were left untreated in Sofia for 10 days! No one answers me on the phone! I am furious!

Yana Dimova

Not only by 10 am, I am calling them all day – no answer. At the same time, I receive an SMS with the “wrong address” text but no one calls me to ask me about the address. I doublecheck how I wrote my address and guess what – there is no mistake! Now, alone, with a two-month-old baby I have to go and take a 40 pounds pack from their office because they said that they can not deliver it to me!

Some guy even posted screenshots of his phone screen where he constantly tries to reach the company again and again. Then after they take his call he realises that their numbers are value-added numbers, which means they drain your account while “trying to solve your problem” on the phone.

Daniel Jonev


There are thousands of people with their stories out there complaining. Don’t believe me just try to make a search in Google. What made me laugh was every other company out there has its own business page in Google where you can rate it and write a comment and even those with a bad rating have their pages up there. For some strange reason, Speedy doesn’t. I wonder why…

What was my personal experience with Speedy? – The company that doesn’t take responsibility for its unfair client treatment.

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So here is my story exactly the way it went. I have copies of these emails and all the documents and I can prove everything I say at any time if needed. You judge for yourself. Please be aware this is a long correspondence and I won’t take the time to manually translate everything in English perfectly. For that matter, I will use the automatic Google translation algorithm.

(A serious problem with аn international shipment !!! 50631342564)

Borislav Jordanov <[email protected]> 20.03.2019 y., 12:03    
to:  [email protected]

Hello, I don’t like to write a message with three exclamation marks in the title, but things have already passed all limits. First, you refused to insurance my package in your office until I had some serious conversation with management. Then I got “we have lost in the warehouse” for four days without calling me and letting me know what happens to my parcel and now again without calling me, I had to put effort looking for you to figure that it still hasn’t come to the address to which I send it. I am extremely disappointed with the quality of your service and if things don’t go well and beneficial for me, not only I will stop using your services but I’ll also make sure my clients stop because they trust my judgment and experience. For you, these are at least minus 5 international agreement at this stage.

I expect you to do the job for which I pay you, namely to deliver the consignment to the address given. The employee from your office in Mladost3 behaved extremely inadequate and I don’t know what he typed in in his little computer, because now after I checked with a phone conversation I’m hearing different things. Speaking of insurance for the shipment he said I would “lose my time trying to insure because he was instructed so by the management” and sent me to a rival company. Usually, I use DHL. This is the first and last time I trust your services for a very serious job and you fail.
The tracking number of the shipment: 50631342564

I will attach a copy of the e-mail correspondence with AMD. 

Dear Borislav,
Your service request: SR # {ticketno: [8200864095]} has been reviewed and updated.
Response and Service Request History:
Thank for providing the details
As per given tracking still not delivered through it arrived in Rozenburg. Could you please contact Speedy service and ensure the delivery to below address. They can contact the given tel to arrange the delivery

AMD GCC c / o K + N 
Pudongweg 1 
1437 EM Rozenburg (NH) 
The Netherlands 
Contact Name: Branko de Keizer 
Phone: +31 (0) 252-467771 

In order to update this service request, please respond, leaving the service request reference intact.

Best regards,
AMD Global Customer Care

I expect a call from you in the near future in which you let me know how the shipment reached its destination successfully in order for me not to follow up with actions that will be unpleasant for both sides. Such staggering inadequate situations can happen to me only in Bulgaria where if don’t have the intent to ask for your rights you are going to be a voice in the wilderness. Successful day!


Here is what followed up. Their answer:
Speedy International Help Desk <[email protected]> wed, 20.03, 12:25    
to me

Dear Mr Jordanov 

We apologize for this situation and the behaviour of the courier office, the instructions are to be offered the option for insurance based on the declared value rather than discouraging our customers from making one. We will inform the immediate superior colleague to take the necessary measures.  The address for the delivery needs to be checked in the office while filling the documents, if an error is found it should be corrected in time, with the signature of the bill of lading agree that all the data is correct. 
We have provided our colleagues in the Netherlands the correct shipping address. 
In the presence of information from our partner, we will notify you. 

End of their e-mail.

Just so you know I triple checked the address while filling the documents, the address was the one AMD first sent me (the one on their official website), then they sent me another address afterwards because Speedy failed to deliver to the first one. See the documents attached. The guy on the phone said there is no such place in the Nederlands from what he sees on his screen but he also said there is no information and they have no connection with the company in the Netherlands (their so-called partners) and nothing can be done. He literally said this on the phone. “Nothing can be done you have to wait 2 more weeks in order to receive the parcel back in Bulgaria”. He didn’t even offer me a refund. I didn’t ask for one because I wanted to check how insolent they are. No, he didn’t even gasp or said that he is sorry, he just stayed on the phone speechless like he doesn’t care, so we stayed like this for a whole minute straight, without any of us saying a word. I was thinking about what my next move should be.

There is something I can hardly call a “happy ending” but eventually, the events have worked out well for me. It’s crazy how 

What followed up I'll tell you in the next paragraph. These are the steps you can follow.

What to do if you’ve become a victim of similar fraud in Bulgaria. (Not only Speedy.)

  • The first thing to do is to contact the company that fools around
  • Keep the whole correspondence with that company
  • Don’t be aggressive, be polite
  • Make sure you have every document needed to prove your point
  • Contact the Bulgarian Commission for Consumer Protection
  • Write a blog post or a negative review on their website or directly in Google
  • Try to find a mutual agreement

Will I use their services again?

No, certainly not! This was the first and the last time I am using their services. They lost me a month of time and energy. One month without a PC is devastating for me. All my income is related to this and using a powerful computer is a mandatory condition. What was your experience with Speedy? Please share down in the comments below and remember to never stop asking for your rights, because in Bulgaria no one is going to help you otherwise!


There's also a Telegram channel

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  2. Just had my my first and last experience with Speedy… posted a parcel to the UK, no tracking after
    It left Veliko Tărnovo and no delivery. 18 days after sending I contacted them to be told the UK postcode was not valid and they can’t send the parcel and would return to me ( The post code IS correct ) . I wasn’t in Bulgaria by that stage … short story is they promised they would keep the parcel
    for me to collect upon my return but ended up only keeping it for 7 days and ‘destroying’ it! Contrary to what the ‘hell desk’ told me! I’ve complained and got ‘ “apologies” but absolutely no explanation as to why they are so incompetent and lie to customers .I’ve had promise of
    maximum 100 Leva compensation ( half value of what was sent) plus refund of shipping fee…. will see if they pay it! My overall impression of Speedy? Shoddy, badly run, uncaring and a totally unprofessional company.
    Do I really believe my parcel was ‘destroyed’ ???? NO!
    This is Bulgaria and it suited them me not knowing that they would only keep my parcel for 7 days before it’s destruction. ( THEFT)

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