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by bjordanov
hello world

“Hello world”, I guess this is the first thing you have ever tried to write when you start something in the computer world to see where it’s going. My personal keyword for tests is “myass” related to my love and understanding of programming languages, but that’s another story that I am going to tell another time.

Till now I can say “Hello World” or “Myass” in 9 languages:

  • Здравей свят!
  • Hello world!
  • <h1>Hello, world!</h1>
  • printf(“Hello World!”);
  • <?php echo ‘<p>Hello World</p>’; ?>
  • System.out.println(“Hello, World”);
  • body:before{content: “Hello World”;}
  • document.write("Hello World");
  • echo “Hello World !”

Of course, that’s not enough to say that I can continue the conversation for a long time. I am a methodical and algorithmic person who can understand and adapt to any situation or language but my favorite part is not really creating the program, but creating the idea, how it works, where it can dump, how can it be more useful and optimized and so on.

About Borislav Jordanov

Who am I and what am I doing? Nobody knows, but everybody who saw me doing it are literally amazed and will tell you I was born for that. True story! I bet I have been born to spit wisdom, create from “the nothing” and enjoy life, just like you. I am doing what I love to, in what I find the point and hope it will reach others and with hard work I can get some “paper” to pay for my dreams, but I don’t really take the word “work” seriously. Please don’t get me wrong I LOVE what I involve myself in, during the process of work but that’s the main reason I enjoy it and it’s not hard for me.

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Design – Every design aspect you can imagine
  3. Videography – Directing movies and be behind the camera

5 Common facts about me

  1. I am Bulgarian, not a native English speaker.
  2. I am 21 years now.
  3. I study at Technical University – Sofia.
  4. I have more than 9 years of experience in the IT world as a: Designer, Developer, Server admin, SEO expert, Support and much more…
  5. People say I don’t belong to this planet. =)

What is this blog about?

This blog is going to be mainly about SEO and Design in all shapes and sizes. I bet you won’t ever read this introduction, but if in some cases Google finds it useful for you and shows you this page, I hope you are going to laugh hard and take my works seriously at the same time. You know… I saw many different blogs in my 15 years as a web developer. A lot of them are informative, fast to load, intuitive and simple with instructions and everything you would think about, but they lack honesty and humor. I hate the boring stuff, so don’t be shy to talk freely the way you feel it when you comment on my posts.

Why have you started in 2016 from 0?

I guess this is, at least, the 10th time I am trying to start this blog and finally I hope that this attempt will be successful. The reasons I couldn’t do that earlier are many, but my biggest concerns were about processor times and bandwidth and related to shared hosting companies. When starting a website about my personality and my work I wanted it to have a blog section, a section “about me” and one, where I offer my services as an SEO expert and designer. I tried many different free alternatives to begin my journey as a blogger and I have faced many issues and failures, so I decided that this time I will make things the right way. So I did. Now bjordanov.com has an SSL certificate and is up and running on my own super-fast VPS – here you can read more.

Apart from that this attempt to start the blog is also provoked from my girlfriend because she wanted me to help her start her own personal blog page.

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Arlene Trumbo 30.03.2020 - 5:17

Awesome webpage you’ve got here!

bjordanov 18.04.2020 - 20:48

Thanks, I hope my content was useful for you!


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