Habitica Overview. The best way to stay consistent!

Alright, I searched the internet for any type of software that will help me organize myself and found a few. Today I will tell you about Habitica and how it changed my life. This is not a sponsored or paid article. This is for all those struggling to get their things together and stay consistent. Originally HabitRPG started as an online task management application on back in 2013 on Kickstarter, where it raised $41,191 for software development. Nowadays, I’m impressed by Habitica, and normally I’m a person who’s hard to be impressed with. I swear this thing sucked me into its universe, and now I’m hooked, which means I stick to my plans until I achieve results. It keeps me on track, is a great way to stay motivated, and turned my life into a gaming experience.

So how it works? Make it a game.

There is a role-playing element, and it’s a significant component of Habitica. A role-playing game is one in which you recognize yourself with your character. You start your journey with a character who represents you and your life progress, take control of their personality, which you design yourself, and let it develop while leveling them up. You’ll earn experience points and improve your character when you complete tasks and progress further.  Many in-game items, skins, and pets will help you stay motivated; if that’s not enough, you can implement your reward system.

Habits, daily plans, life goals, and entertainment!

It has all three of these. What more do you need?

Your dailies help you organize your day and create easy-to-follow routines with ordered lists that you can check individually. Once you finish them, you can focus on what’s left and track your daily progress.

The “To-Dos” section is more like “Life Goals.” Here you would write down the most important goals you have. I like to include some “side quests” in-between without a deadline whenever a new idea comes to mind. Completing every goal brings you closer to your personal life success.

Habits in Habitica are long-term objectives used to alter a person’s behaviors. These “Habits” can either be put “positive,” “negative,” or both. If you frequently finish a positive habit commonly, it’ll be green. That’ll help you see if you are sticking to the plan and doing well. On the other side, if you frequently repeat an adverse habit, it will begin turning red and causing increased health harm. But don’t worry when your character obtains sufficient points of experience. They’ll gain a level that restores their health bar back to a hundred percent.

Reward system

You can decide how difficult a task is, based on your personal preferences. The more complex the task, the more life points you’ll lose when you fail, but the more gold and XP you’ll gain when you succeed. You should be careful. Putting realistic goals and starting small is essential to understand better how things work. Once your character loses all his life points and the bar becomes empty, you will lose a level and all your gold. This is heavy punishment, so you better be consistent. You can also receive an item every time you complete a task successfully. There is an option for setting your own real-life rewards or using the same in-game system, whatever motivates you more.


  • Browser-based (Access it on any platform – windows, Linux, Android, MAC)
  • Easy to understand (User-friendly interface, blah-blah)
  • Open Source
    Truly open source. You can find the source code on GitHub. You can suggest changes to the community, add your own art, and even fork the project. If you are paranoid like me and you don’t want to share your personal information, you can register with an anonymous email and character name or just host an instance of the game on your private server, staying independent.
  • Has its own API
    Depending on your needs allows you to create your custom tools and applications to monitor and manage Habitica.
  • Multiplayer
    Invite your friends or find new ones online and go on multiple quests together, fight monsters, and earn XP.
  • Statistics
    The software helps you track your strong and weak sides and build habits. It’s one thing to believe you know what you struggle with, but different when you can see it visually represented with your eyes.


  • Limited features – It has limited functionality compared to other task management applications but is way more exciting.
  • Sync between devices is not perfect.
  • Javascript sometimes does weird things when moving a task up and down the list.

Become Organised, Consistent, Successful. Do it in just a week.

Yes, it’s possible. I’ve been using Habitica for two weeks, and I already feel a significant improvement in my life. Before that, I had a problem with being organized and consistent, but this is one of the tools that changed that for me. Of course, a single app is not enough to make you stay on the course if you don’t have the will to, but at least it will show you how you treat yourself and do you care enough for your health, work, family, and so on. If you feel demotivated or you need inspiration, please check out my other article on that topic. It’s not some entrepreneur’s motivational speech. It’s the key to achieving things even when you lose your inspiration. An easy mind hack is to know that If you can do it for a week, you can do it for a month. Ready to try it out by yourself?

Go to their website: Habitica.com


Some personal tweaks and settings definitely helped me with Habitica, but maybe I’ll share them with you in another article or as an update to this one if you are interested. Please tell me in the comments below what’s your favourite application to organize your life or whether you prefer to write everything down on paper.


There's also a Telegram channel

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  1. I am sure this article has touched all the internet viewers, its really really pleasant article on building up new habbits!

  2. Floy Davis

    Wow, I stumbled upon your article while searching for ways to enhance my organization skills, and I must say Habitica sounds intriguing. Your personal experience and recommendation have piqued my curiosity, especially with its gamified approach to task management. I appreciate the detailed breakdown of its features, both pros and cons, which gives me a clear understanding of what to expect. I’m definitely considering giving it a try and see if it can bring positive changes to my daily routines. Thank you for sharing this valuable insight!

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