19 Reasons to install LineageOS on your Android Device

What is Lineage OS, and why bother with it?

LineageOS is the official follow-up to the popular CyanogenMod ROM. It is based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and includes additional custom features, optimizations, and fixes. It is known for being stable and having good performance and battery life. LineageOS also places a strong emphasis on security and privacy. Many people like LineageOS, which is often seen as the most dependable and secure ROM available.

Lineage OS vs. other custom ROMs

Lineage OS is highly reliable, with a good performance and battery life balance. It has a low incidence of bugs and a wide range of devices with considerable user base support.

Customization is excellent, but it’s limited. For customizations, see – Gravity Box. It’s the Android experience as it should be. It also supports all security features, unlike some other ROMs that don’t support all security features.

1. Open-source & Community-driven

Because Lineage OS is a free and open-source project, anyone can contribute to its development. While some proprietary OEM blobs are required to operate the device, you can still download and use Lineage OS for free. In addition, you can view and modify the source code or contribute to the development of the ROM.

2. Updates & Latest Android version

If your device’s manufacturer stops providing updates or takes a long time to do so, the Lineage OS community will continue to provide updates. Security vulnerabilities are also regularly patched. You can keep your device updated for another two years even if the manufacturer stops updating it.

Lineage OS builds are standardized to ensure that essential hardware functions, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, camera, and NFC, will continue to work after replacing the factory-installed software.

Lineage OS maintainers regularly add the latest fixes to the Linux kernel for the device with each monthly Android Security Bulletin, even if the manufacturer stops updating closed-source components. SELinux is consistently enforced on official versions to improve security.

When you download and install a Lineage OS build from the official website, you can trust that the build server signs it and not by any other party, ensuring that no single developer is altering the builds.

3. Improved security and LOS Privacy Guard

Lineage OS includes security features like SELinux enforcing mode and regular security updates to protect your device from vulnerabilities and threats. Privacy Guard is a feature that lets you control app permissions on your device to protect your privacy and security. It also has advanced controls for app permissions and works without rooting or using ADB commands. If you use an app with banned permissions, Privacy Guard will notify you and warn you to re-enable specific permissions if the app is not working correctly. You can activate and manage Privacy Guard notifications in the settings and disable apps that start automatically.

4. No Botnet / No Bloatware

Carrier images may include “bloat” that the user dislikes. Lineage has only the essential apps. LOS has reduced bloat compared to the other stock-like ROMs. (There is no PlayStore, but you can always use Aurora from Fdroid) or if you insist, flash the official Lineage Gapps.

Browser, Messaging, Email, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Clock, Gallery, Music, Recorder (screen & sound), and Files Explorer are just a handful of the entire programs that may be used straight out of the box.

5. Root + Superuser

Root gives you access to features that you wouldn’t ordinarily have. Each app on Android operates in an individual sandbox. It won’t be able to access data from other apps until you permit it (via root or storage permission).

The root might be global or specific to an app. “At the app level,” I propose since, in this situation, each program that requires root access will ask for it. You’ll have more control over which programs utilize root this way.

Furthermore, if you genuinely don’t like it, LineageOS offers a Superuser-remover feature that restores everything to normal. I suggest using Lineage OS with Magisk for easy root and the best results.

6. Better Memory Management

The RAM acts just like the memory on the modern Linux distros. It shows the total RAM while caching your important application’s data. You can load the applications you most often use with lightspeed.

7. Better battery life

Lineage OS battery life on Lenovo P2

Here is a screenshot of my Lenovo P2 with Lineage OS in standby mode. The battery makes it for an entire month if I’m not using the phone. I can’t be happier with a 5100mah battery. You can achieve similar battery life results if you don’t use Gapps. This device has only F-droid and open-source applications installed.

8. Lineage OS Stability

The internet community around Lineage OS swears it’s the most reliable and clean ROM. For the last seven years, I have been an active user of LOS.

I want to be honest and share my experience with the ROM. While this can be true, I can tell you that their official device support list has nightly, stable builds from which the regular releases are rock solid.

Porting LOS to another device can result in many odd problems and instability. The same goes for using unofficial ROMs made by third-party developers without legacy support.

9. Customization options

Lineage OS allows you to customize various aspects of your device, such as the user interface’s appearance, the navigation buttons’ behavior, and the settings of various system features. You can also install multiple mods and tweaks to customize your device further.

10. Community support

Lineage OS has a large and active community of developers and users, which means you can find help and support if you encounter any issues with the ROM. Many online resources and tutorials are available online and on the official website to guide you through installation.

11. No manufacturer restrictions

Lineage OS allows you to remove any pre-installed manufacturer-imposed restrictions or bloatware from your device. Installing Lineage OS allows you more control over your device and customizes it to suit your needs and preferences.

12. Security and Privacy

Lineage OS includes features like Privacy Guard and regular security updates to prioritize security and privacy. This design helps you feel confident that your device is secure and that your personal information is protected.

13.No advertisements or 3rd party apps

Lineage OS has no advertisements, so you won’t see ads while using your device. That’s why your experience will be more pleasant, distraction-free, and enjoyable.

14. More control

Installing Lineage OS gives you more control over your device and its features, allowing you to fine-tune your device’s performance and behavior to suit your needs and preferences.

15. Optional Play Store and Google Services

There is the possibility of installing an additional GApps package or not, instead of having Google apps & Play Store forced on you like in traditional ROMs. With that said, I still prefer using F-Droid, where you can find tons of lighter, clean, and open-source apps such as Aurora Store if you need any apps on the Google Play store.

16. Better compatibility with third-party apps

Some custom ROMs may not be fully compatible with certain apps or services, which can cause issues when using them on your device. Designed to be compatible with many apps and services, Lineage OS makes it easier to use your device with the apps you need.

17. Customizable boot animation

Lineage OS allows you to customize the boot animation displayed when your device starts up. Here is an opportunity to personalize your device and make it feel unique.

18. Improved audio quality

Some users have reported that Lineage OS can improve the audio quality on their devices, mainly when using headphones. If you’re an audiophile or want your device’s best sound quality, this could be a benefit to consider.

19. Easy to install

You can easily install Lineage OS using a custom recovery like TWRP or the official LOS recovery. Clear instructions and tutorials are available online to help you through the process.

LineageOS device list

Update: 06.03.2023
I recently made this Lineage OS device list that might help you select the best device for your needs. It includes all technical information about each LOS device and has an easy way to sort through them. Feel free to add your phone to the list if the device is missing.

There's also a Telegram channel

15 thoughts on “19 Reasons to install LineageOS on your Android Device”

  1. I’m interested in installing Lineage OS on my device, but I’m not very familiar with the process. Could someone please point me in the right direction or share a step-by-step guide to installing Lineage OS? I’d really appreciate it.

  2. Lineage OS is a great option for those who prioritize privacy. With features like Privacy Guard and the ability to control app permissions, Lineage OS ensures that your data remains safe and secure. It’s a great ROM for those looking for privacy-centric features.

  3. PrivacyWarrior

    Lineage OS’s Privacy Guard feature is excellent for those concerned about their privacy. It allows you to control app permissions and revoke them if necessary, ensuring that no app can access your data without your consent. It’s a great feature that gives you complete control over your device’s privacy.

  4. Please help

    I recently installed Lineage OS on my device, but I noticed that SELinux wasn’t enforcing. I did some research and found out that this is a common issue. I was able to fix it by following the instructions provided in the Lineage OS wiki. If anyone else is experiencing this issue, I recommend checking out the wiki.

    1. It’s great to hear you resolved the SELinux issue on Lineage OS! This happens because Lineage OS, by default, sets SELinux to permissive mode to allow for better compatibility with third-party apps. However, this can compromise the security of your device. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that SELinux is set to enforcing mode to provide maximum protection. The good news is that it’s a simple fix, and the instructions in the Lineage OS wiki are easy to follow.

  5. While Lineage OS is a great custom ROM, there are other alternatives out there that might better suit your needs. For example, if you’re looking for a more stock Android experience, you might want to check out Pixel Experience ROM. It’s always a good idea to do your research and find the ROM that’s best for you.

    1. I’m afraid I entirely have to disagree that Pixel Experience ROM is a better alternative than Lineage OS. While both ROMs are great options, Lineage OS is designed with privacy and security in mind, making it the superior choice for those who prioritize those aspects. Lineage OS offers a wide range of customization options, making it ideal for those who want to tailor their device to their needs. It’s essential to do your research and consider all factors when choosing a custom ROM, but in my opinion, Lineage OS is the clear winner regarding security and privacy.

  6. DIYEnthusiast

    Installing Lineage OS on your Android device is an excellent way to breathe new life into an old device. The process is straightforward and well-documented, and there are plenty of resources available to guide you through the process. I installed it on my device, and I must say, I’m very happy with the performance.

  7. ParaDroidiz

    I was skeptical about using Lineage OS at first, but after thorough research, I can say that it’s one of the safest custom ROMs out there. With frequent security updates and an active community, the chances of a security breach are minimal. However, as with any device, one must always be cautious and avoid installing suspicious apps.

  8. As a cybersecurity enthusiast, I have thoroughly researched the security features of Lineage OS. I must say that the developers have done an excellent job of ensuring the security of the user’s data. However, it’s always better to take additional security measures to secure your device. One such measure is to install an antivirus and avoid downloading apps from unknown sources.

  9. PimpMyAndroid.com

    Lineage OS is excellent for customization enthusiasts. With features like themes and the ability to customize the status bar and lock screen

  10. Can you please tell me is lineage os safe to use? I read your article and it seems like a great OS. Are there better Android solutions? This is my first time upgrading.

    1. Yes, LineageOS is generally considered to be a safe and privacy-focused alternative to mainstream Android operating systems. LineageOS is an open-source project that provides frequent security updates and gives users greater control over their device’s privacy and security settings.

      Other alternative Android solutions, such as GrapheneOS and /e/OS, also prioritize privacy and security. GrapheneOS focuses heavily on security features such as memory-safe programming, while /e/OS is focused on making Android more privacy-friendly by removing Google services and integrating open-source alternatives.

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